Renting on HireHopping

How HireHopping works

  • Signing up for HireHopping is free. 
    • Only registered users can buy and sell on HireHopping. 
    • To join HireHopping, click here.
  • Search for goods or services HireHopping Catalog or search bar
  • Found what you are looking for, place your order inside the Ad.

  Finding a Service  

  • Finding goods and services

    • You can find the goods and services you need by
      • browsing the HireHopping catalogue in different categories, or;
      • by using HireHopping's search engine and filters to find specific goods and services.

  Placing an Order  

  • Once you find an Ad you like, click it for more information, such as a description of the good or service, images of products or samples of work, and pricing. 
  • If you have specific questions, we recommend contacting the seller prior to ordering. 
  • When you feel you’ve found what you need, simply proceed with placing your order. 
  • Note: All purchases are subject to a service fee of $3 on purchases up to and including $40, and 10% on purchases above $40. 
    This helps us operate our platform and offer 24/7 customer support for your orders."

Renter on HireHopping

How to create an Ad?  

  • Press on the button in the top right-hand corner " publish your ad"
  • Upload an image of your product or service
  • Provide a full description of your product or service 
  • Select which category your product or service will be.
  • When finished press the publish button"

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